Our Partners - Beneficiaries of Proceeds

Massificação Maria Esther Bueno
(Instituto Tênis)

The Project Massificação Maria Esther Bueno from Instituto Tênis started on 2012 and has as its main objective to increase the amount of tennis players and to provide a continuity in the practice and learning of the sport for the current members of the project. To accomplish all this, the project provides learning methodologies and adequate materials for all the facilities present around the country. The project also offers professional development and training for the coaching staff.

Our Partners - Tennis Stores, Academies and Tournaments

We partner with these institutions where we pick up all the discarded tennis racquet strings and other discarded materials like tennis can balls, plastic bottle drinks, etc.

For Sport

For Sport is a tennis shop located right next to one of the largest parks in São Paulo, Ibirapuera Park.

R. Vieira Maciel, 19
Jardim Paulista
Sao Paulo, Brazil
+55 (11) 3887-9928

Tennis Point

R. Dr. Renato Paes de Barros, 428
Itaim Bibi
Sao Paulo, Brazil
+55 (11) 3079-3819

Tennis Hit

Rua Jose Ramon Urtiza 975 loja 11, Sao Paulo, Brazil
+55 (11) 94581-1137

Fair Play - Open Center

Av. Guilherme Dumont Vilares, 1210
Vila Suzana
Sao Paulo, Brazil
+55 (11) 3501-3791

Fair Play - Mesq Academy

Rua Joao Scaciotti, 307
Vila Progredior
Sao Paulo, Brazil
+55 (11) 2501-0071

Jairo Tennis Pro Shop

Founded by Jairo, the store is located in Shopping Eldorado. The tennis shop strings more than 1500 racquets per month, and is one of our main partners.

AB Academy

Founded by Aldo Brandão (AB), the Academy is located in Morumbi area, Sao Paulo. It has 2 hard courts and 2 clay courts, a restaurant, on-site physiotherapists, and a car wash.

R. Francisco Marcondes Vieira, 241
Vila Sonia
Sao Paulo, Brazil
+55 (11) 4171-0422

Tennis Action

Av. Diógenes Ribeiro de Lima, 2282
Alto de Pinheiros
Sao Paulo, Brazil
+55 (11) 3021-3930

Sao Bernardo Tennis Club

Rua Tietê, 255
Vila Vivaldi
Sao Bernardo do Campo, Brazil
+55 (11) 4366-2929