Long Live the Love
for the Sport of Tennis.

Our Bracelets

Tennis Strings

We collect discarded tennis strings from tennis stores, tournaments, juniors and professional players. After collecting them, we sort by colors and start our magic!

The Beads

Our beads are made of recycled tennis strings.Yes, that’s right! 

The strings are transformed into beads. The colors of the beads are the original colors of the strings!

The Famous Bracelets

With the colored beads, we make beautiful bracelets. Each bracelet is adorned with Silver 950 (95% Pure Silver) and a wide variety of plating, from black rhodium to gold.

We keep tennis alive.

Part of the revenue is reverted back to tennis players and tennis institutions.

Our commitment is to create a cycle where everything that is used in tennis goes

back to the sport, as well as help to transform it into a sustainable one.


At Long Live The Passion, we thrive to create new products that are meaningful and have unique designs.

Staying Connected

We are always visiting tennis academies, stores, tournaments, as well as talking to stringers, players and fans. We are constantly on the lookout to create new solutions and products.

It all started when I developed an online stringing software (www.istring.online). The software was used during the 2016 Olympics and other ATP Tournaments. After realising the amount of tennis strings being discarded as trash (landfill), I came up with the idea to recycle them and transform into beads and bracelets. I presented the project to my business partner, Pedro Feyer, who created the brand’s name and concept line. Since then, we have been producing these unique pieces.

Peter Ting, Co-Founder