Long Live the Love for the Sport of Tennis.

Our Bracelets

The Beads

Our beads are made of recycled tennis strings. Yes, that’s right! We recycle tennis strings. We pick up discarded tennis strings from academies and stringing stores and transform them into beautiful colored beads.

Silver and Gold Adornments

Ah, silver and gold… the finishing touches of a jewelry. Our bracelets are made with Silver 950 (95% Pure Silver) and a wide variety of plating, from black rhodium to gold.

Stretch or Silver Clasp

Our bracelets can be stretch for easier access, or you can go up a notch and choose the model with silver chain and clasp for a more stylish look.

Our Fund and Proceeds

Part of the revenue is reverted back to a Fund. From there, we proceed the amount to tennis institutions through seminars, tournaments, social inclusion, professional development, and other actions.

We keep it alive.

At Long Live The Passion, we thrive to create new products that are meaningful and unique designs.

We are always visiting tennis academies and stores, talking to stringers, players and fans. We are also on the lookout for innovative designers in order to create new solutions and products.

It all started when I developed an online stringing software. The software was used during the 2016 Olympics and other ATP 250 Tournaments. After realising the amount of tennis strings being discarded as trash, I came up with the idea to recycle them and transform into beads and bracelets. I presented the project to my business partner, Pedro Feyer, who created the brand’s name and concept line, and we have been producing these unique pieces since then.

— PETER TING, CoFounder

All of our products are currently being sold online. Some of our product line are also available at our partners.

We will soon be in North America and Europe.